Saxophone Lessons

The Coolest Instrument Sound

Have you always dreamt of playing a musical instrument? One of the most rewarding, challenging but fun instruments to learn is the Saxophone. As an experienced teacher, I can help you learn today.

Saxophone Lessons from The Kath Jones School of Music

My Saxophone lessons will be tailored to you, lasting 30 minutes for just £15 per lesson.

If you opt to learn to play the Saxophone, one of the most versatile and exciting of musical instruments, you will also have the opportunity of studying the type of music that you prefer.

For Aspiring Musicians in South Tyneside

Based in South Tyneside, I am also qualified to deliver Piano and Clarinet lessons. Whichever instrument you play or choose to learn, I can prepare you for exams or just make your hobby that much more enjoyable with a one-to-one learning experience. Please note pupils wanting to begin Clarinet and Saxophone should wait until their front milk teeth have been replaced with permanent teeth in order to avoid having to wear braces later on. If they already wear braces, they should keep them in place while playing the instrument.